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About Me

Vileena has been in the healing profession for over 25 years as a bodyworker, Rosen Method practitioner and biodynamic cranialsacral practitioner.  Her work has developed into a deep love and dedication to the inherent expression of health and balance in her clients.

Vileena began her craniosacral practice in 1996. She was introduced to this work by a French osteopath who inspired her continuing education and deepening exploration of life and health. She is an approved teacher with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America and has been actively involved in biodynamic craniosacral trainings in Europe, Canada and the US since 2003. She currently enjoys a private

practice in Santa Cruz CA.

An advocate for infants and their caretakers, she has completed pediatric coursework in Europe, studied pre and perinatal psychology with William Emerson, Ray Castillino, Bhadrena and Kavi Gemin and is currently in a professional training with Myrna Martin in CA.  She enjoys working with infants, children and families as well as pregnant women and their support team.

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