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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Integrated Wellness

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands on approach that views the body and mind as already whole and healthy. It is a resource based modality that amplifies the self organizing capacity of the body to bring about a greater sense of ease and integration. The formative forces that created the body also sustain and restore balance and resilience in the body.

In a session hands are gently placed on different areas of the body, including the head, sacrum, spine and other areas. The invitation is given through touch and presence for the body to recognize and access it's own source of health. It is not a correction from the outside, it is a reconnection on the inside with the vitality and organizing intelligence within.  

This is often expressed in the rhythm and flow of fluids, cerebrospinal, lymphatic, vascular and extracellular; and the organizing forces of connective tissue, membranes and organs.

Resistance in the body and mind is met and seen, and often then dissolves with ease and relief, restoring energy and health.

The body naturally finds balance and

ease and a dissolving of the patterns of

discomfort or pain.


This invitation makes this approach unique in that it is not through fixing or

adjusting but through recognizing the health and vitality that is inherent, an

asking for the body to reveal and

invigorate what is already there, a communication with the body.

 The focus is on what is working and already healthy, not on where it is lacking or absent. There is a recognition and empowerment of the health that is always there when it is free and available to express. 




    Commonly people come seeking support with:


Cardiovascular support

Joint pain


            TMJ dysfunction  


Spinal Injuries



Digestive Disorders





Birth/Bonding and early trauma

PTSD and anxiety 

Fertility and Pregnancy Support



Tree of Life Healing Center

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Santa Cruz, CA





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